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Big Buddha

BIG BUDDHA Posted on: 19th February 2016

Located 400 meters above the sea level on the top of Nakkerd Hills, the statue of Big Buddha is one of the most important monuments in Phuket. The height of the statue is 45 meters and it can be seen even from a long distance. Although, it is a new structure in the city, but it is very popular among tourists. This place is very quiet and peaceful, and the only sound which you will heat at the top is the tinkling of bells. Also, visitors can admire an amazing view of the Phuket City from the top. It is a must visit attraction on the Phuket Island.


History of Big Buddha

The whole statue of Big Buddha is made of white marble which shines in the sunlight. This shining statue is also a symbol of hope for Thai people. The construction of the statue was started in 2002. The mountain where the statue of Big Buddha is situated was not chosen by chance, but there are many fascinating stories behind it. According to some locals, it was the refuge of a Naga serpent and the name of the mountain was after him. According to others, it was the place where Buddha himself came to meditate. Near to the base of Big Buddha, you will find a hall which showcases the history of the project.

Practical Information

The Big Buddha is located near Chalong on the Chao Fa Road East. The monument open seven days a week from 6 am to 7 pm. Admission to Big Buddha is free. You must wear appropriate clothes before entering the temple. Like all Buddhist temples, transparent and short dresses are not allowed here. You can also rent a sarong (a traditional long garment) from the shop located near the entrance. Taking about renting, you can rent a car in Phuket and discover all the amazing attractions in the city including the Big Buddha with utmost ease.

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