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5 Places to Celebrate Christmas in Thailand

Bangkok Posted on: 20th December 2016

Unlike all the major countries in the world, Christmas isn’t an official holiday in Thailand. And that’s even legitimate, as more than 80% of the population follows Buddhism. But, the Thai’s know how to put on a great party, and so the Christmas and New year Eve are certainly no exception! Having said that, during this festive season, all the major tourist cities and destinations are decked out with Christmas decorations and beautiful Christmas trees start appearing amongst the ordinary palm gardens.

When it comes to Thailand, the first destination that pops-up into anybody’s mind is Bangkok, but remember, one isn’t just restricted to this wonderful Asian city. Underneath are the “Top 5 destinations” one can consider when it comes to spending Christmas and New Year Eve in Thailand:


Bangkok lighted streets

A trip to Thailand is not complete unless one has had a stopover in Bangkok- the cosmopolitan, vibrant capital of Thailand. The city is always in a buzz and there’s something to do here, no matter even if it’s not a festive season!

During the month of December, the entire city glitters with colorful lights, luxury hotels and all the major shopping complexes are dressed with fascinating festive displays, pine trees are given a makeover and outdoor markets are flooded with Christmas gifts and delicacies.



“The Pearl of Andaman”- Phuket boasts postcard-perfect landscape and is a bliss, especially during the winter festive season. The mountainous island features a moderate temperature and also houses an abundance of luxury hotels that caters to the accommodation needs of travelers that rush here for Xmas and the New Year eve.

Thanks to aplenty of bars, pubs and restaurants, the party and nightlife scenario are booming in Phuket, especially at the time of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Koh Samui


Better than the best winter getaways in Thailand -Koh Samui, is a perfect exit for Christmas and New Year celebrations. Luxurious accommodations, rugged rainforests, picturesque beaches, magnificent coral reefs and coconut plantations, altogether makes it hard for anyone to beat this Island for a winter getaway.

Unlike other Thailand destinations, Koh Samui is upscale and a little more luxury. That said, the place isn’t for all, but for those who are seeking a full on luxury Christmas break, with lavish spas, fine dining and upscale boutique resorts.



Longing for a relaxed Christmas eve this year? Head next to Krabi and celebrate Xmas in a pleasant and peaceful manner. Located on the west coast of Southern Thailand, the Krabi province is perhaps characterized by its limestone cliffs and over hundreds of magnificent Islands.

On Christmas, you can either spend some quality time with your loved ones on one of its beautiful beaches or else, indulge yourself in the adventurous activities like snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, etc. And also, if you kinda like typical Christmas celebration, fret not, as most of the hotels will have some Christmas entertainments on board.

Chiang Mai


Though a little less cosmopolitan than Bangkok, Chiang Mai still features the same festive atmosphere as of its elder sibling. The entire city is decorated with lights, malls and shopping complexes carry a beautiful Christmas theme, and renowned hotels host numerous events in the name of Xmas and New Year, though these events are apparently far more expensive.

So Instead of heading anywhere else on the planet, do away with your traditions and this year, celebrate Christmas and New Year in Thailand. We do understand that Christmas away from home can be a hassle, but your hassle can be considerably reduced if you pre-book a cheap Thailand car rental with us. A rental vehicle will allow you to travel freely across the country and cover the best places, as per your wish and convenience. Reserve a cheap car hire deal now, and take advantage of several additional benefits and festive discounts.

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